Chris Jones - November 3, 2019

How Should We Respond to the Gift & Given of Life?

What should your response be when our gift is not just a nice one from a friend but life itself from God? May our text encourage us this week as we look at our response to the gift and Giver of life. May we respond with faith in Christ that leads us to imitate God’s giving nature as part of enjoying life with God.

Scripture References: Numbers 18:1-32, Numbers 19:1-22

From Series: "Numbers - Trusting God on the Way Home"

The book of Numbers follows Moses and the OT people of God on the way to the Promised Land. Many biblical authors look back to Numbers as a time when Israel was called to trust God on the journey home. They were set free by God in the exodus from Egypt, but they were not home yet. The problem is that most of Israel present at the beginning of Numbers, even Moses, did not enter the Promised Land because of unbelief and sin. As Grace Community travels through Numbers, we will look at this OT book in its context to see God’s holiness and mercy, man’s sinfulness, and the necessity of trusting God throughout life. As we consider Numbers and its claims, it will prepare us for the hope of Jesus, the church, and the new covenant. As we walk with God and the people of Israel, we will be reminded that Christians have been saved in Christ, but things are not yet as they should be. We need to trust God as He leads us home.

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